Monday, March 14, 2016

Getting Past the Resume Screen

By: Kandice Thorn

With many people submitting resumes for summer or permanent positions these days, I thought it would be worthwhile this week to write a post about how to get your resume noticed. This is a question I get frequently, especially as the use of online systems to manage application processes has proliferated.  Often it can feel like your resume is being sent off into a void. Indeed, you can never know what's happening on the "back end" when you apply this way (or even when you are applying via email), but there are a few things you can do to increase the odds of securing an interview.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Pefect Your Resume Today

By: Kandice Thorn

If you haven't had time to perfect your resume, now is the moment!  Your resume is an extremely important aspect of your job search.  It is the first example of work that a potential employer will usually see from you.  Furthermore, you must assume that the people against whom you are competing for jobs will have flawlessly edited resumes - because they likely will!  Needless to say, your resume must be flawless in order to compete effectively.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Your Educational Investment

By: Kandice Thorn

Your education is an investment.  It's a big one.  We recognize that and we truly appreciate that you have decided to invest your time, energy, and money with Fordham Law School.  But how do you get the biggest return on the investment you're making?  Attending class and reading the course materials are your educational requirements, but are they sufficient for a complete educational experience?  In my opinion, the students who get the most "bang for their buck" are the ones who also maximize their opportunities outside the classroom.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ease of Conversation: The Cornerstone of Networking

By: Olga Statz

Refinement of conversation is an essential element of networking. The good news is that conversation is an art, and like all arts, it can be learned. First, let’s determine what networking is not. It is not descending on your cocktail party convives, lips ablaze with boastings and blusterings about yourself followed by insincere and patently manipulative emails the next day. No one likes to be “talked at” or used, therefore such behavior will get you nowhere. So how then, should you do it? How do you lay the groundwork for the friendships and professional associations that will help you progress in your life and your career? How do you network? The initial ingredient to successful networking is congenial, intelligent, and respectful conversation. Notice that I did not say “dazzling, scintillating, and brilliant” conversation. I said instead “congenial, intelligent, and respectful conversation,” which is fully within the power of the average person to achieve.  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Conducting an Efficient Job Search

By: Kandice Thorn

In the U.S., when we apply to college, we are told to look at three kinds of schools: "Dream Schools," "Match Schools," and "Safety Schools."  Dream Schools are, of course, the schools we really really want to go to, but have very little chance of getting into.  Safety Schools are those that we can be reasonably certain to  be admitted into with no problem.  Match Schools are those that are a good match for our credentials, and thus we have a reasonable chance of admission.  Students are told that they should apply to a small number of Dream Schools and at least one or two Safety Schools, but that the majority of their efforts should be focused on Match Schools.

While there are obvious differences between the college application process and the job search process, I do think there are some parallels to be drawn that may be helpful in formulating a successful job search.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Importance of Following Recent Developments in Your Field

By: Kandice Thorn

Most LL.M. students join the program in order to gain expertise in something, to make strides forward career-wise.  The LL.M. allows you to delve academically into your field of interest and to analyze many of the complexities and nuances involved in an area of study. 

But in order to truly become an expert, you must go beyond what you learn in the classroom to keep up with the most exciting new developments in your field.  In any field of study, there will be countless blogs, news feeds, twitter feeds, and more devoted to tracking new developments.  Ask your professors or networking contacts which are the most important ones to follow and start following them daily. 

At interviews or networking events, you'll have interesting topics to discuss, and you'll come across as someone who is engaged, proactive, and enthusiastic.  Remember that experts are not born that way - expertise comes from immersing oneself in a field of study, and going beyond just classroom learning.  The LL.M. provides an excellent platform for you to make strides, but you must take the initiative to move beyond classroom learning to become an expert.